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Did you know your website needs

Regular updates?

Once you’ve invested in a great website, keeping it in tip-top condition takes work. It’s not a static shop window, but an asset that needs nurturing. And, just like a car that needs regular servicing and checks, you need to keep your website updated. Not only for security purposes, but because search engines like Google prefer sites that have the most up-to-date and relevant information.

How often will you need to update your site?

If your car is neglected, it will gradually develop faults, so think of your website in the same way. It needs regular attention. 

But maintenance is no small job. Effective websites need weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual updates which can take up a big chunk of your time.

If all this sounds a bit daunting, worry not. Think of us as mechanics for your website, keeping on top of those essential updates, tweaks and fixes that will keep your site in optimal condition.

Maintenance made easy

We really want to help you get the best out of your website, but we know it can feel overwhelming – too much work, taking up too much time. 

So, we did a survey to find out more about how best we can help. And, we discovered that what you value most about website support is getting a quick resolution. 

Therefore, we’ve built an app to make your life easier.

App Screen Shots

An app built around your needs

The Ritch Digital app has been designed to make your experience of website support simple and straightforward.

Through our app, we can provide support to you 7 days a week.

You won’t have to wait, wondering if or when the work is going to be completed.

Plus, the app keeps a full timeline of activity for your website. So every time we do something, it’s recorded, with a date stamp. 

Any time you’d like to know more detail, you can log in and view the timeline. It’s all there. Giving you confidence that we’re doing all the things that need to be done.

Outsourcing makes life easier

We know from our research, that entrepreneurs and SMEs have a tough time juggling marketing, accounts, prospecting, and building connections, let alone doing the actual business itself. 

Let’s make your life easier. 

The Ritch Digital app can not only do the heavy lifting of your website maintenance, but also bring you peace of mind. It monitors your website 24/7, flagging up any problems so we can get on the case right away.

Website Maintenance Services

Check out what’s on offer:

If you’re paying for support, you want it quickly. Our team is on hand for you 7 days a week, from 7am to 10pm. So whenever you need us, we are on hand.

It’s worryingly easy to hack a website if you know how. We’ll monitor your website for security updates to keep it as stable as possible.

Your data is a precious asset. And you need to ensure it’s safe. Your backup is like an insurance policy in case things go wrong – as sometimes they will. Good backups will give you the peace of mind that should something happen to your site, you will still have all that important data.

When you’ve spent time researching and creating great content, uploading can feel like a frustrating time-void. We can do it for you. Just let our support team know what needs adding or changing and we’ll get it done.

Out of date plugins make it easier for your website to be hacked. We keep them up to date to stop that from happening.

No-one likes a slow website. A slow loading speed can seriously affect your website’s conversions. Where necessary, we’ll carry out work to make your website’s pages faster.

Sometimes forms can break and it’s not always easy to figure out why. You’ll need someone with expertise to get to the root of the problem. You won’t want to lose your enquiries, so we’re on hand to test forms regularly, making sure they’re working and troubleshooting any hiccups.

Broken links create a bad user experience on your website. They can make people feel lost and search engines don’t like them either. We’ll scan your site and correct any that need fixing.

Our handy website maintenance report will show you the work we’ve been carrying out on your website.

How much does it cost?

A Package to suit your budget

Outsourcing your website maintenance can save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on other parts of your business.

We’ve created a range of fixed-price, affordable website maintenance packages to suit all budgets. 

It’s a simple pricing model with no contracts or tie-ins.

Choose the package that meets your needs:


The starting point for all websites, to ensure security and stability
£ 59 per month


Content changes? Optimise gets you 1hr & all the Essentials stuff too
£ 99 per month


For larger websites that need regular updates & alterations (or e-commerce sites)
£ 179 per month
  • Comprehensive website audit
  • WordPress software updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Cloud backups (daily)
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Maintenance report
  • In-app ticket support system
  • Test enquiry forms (monthly)
  • 2hrs of content changes & fixes
  • Robust extra website security
  • E-commerce websites
  • Speed optimisation


Great for e-commerce websites & those that need constant attention
£ 419 per month
  • Comprehensive website audit
  • WordPress software updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Cloud backups (daily)
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Maintenance report
  • In-app ticket support system
  • Test enquiry forms (fortnightly)
  • 5hrs of content changes & fixes
  • Robust extra website security
  • E-commerce websites
  • Speed optimisation
  • Scan & fix broken links
  • Database clean & optimise
  • Malware removal

The maintenance process explained

So how does this work?

Maintenance Process Diagram


Here are some of the website maintenance related questions we get asked every now and then. We’ve even chucked in the answers too, coz we’re nice like that.

Every website needs support, even basic ones. Without regular maintenance, you are running the risk of your website going down or even being hacked, losing you business and incurring costs.

We certainly do. As long as the website is built using WordPress, we support it. E-commerce websites are more complex and take more of our resources to look after, so they require our Perform or Grow plans.

No, we can support your WordPress website no matter who’s hosting it.

Every request raised gets an immediate automated response, confirming that we're on it. You'll hear from one of the team within an hour (between 7am-10pm). They'll be able to advise you what we’re going to do, and how long the fix is likely to take.

We aim to resolve all issues within 24 hours. If our team think it might take longer, they will let you know why and give you an indication of timescale.

Content changes are things like minor changes to text, images, banners, headers, footers, style changes, adding blogs, editing blogs, adding a new landing page or adding vouchers to e-commerce websites. Content changes are different to custom development work (eg. developing a new plugin, entire new section of the website), graphic design or photography work which don’t come under the maintenance package. See here if you need to commission new content.

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