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How I can help you?

Do you want your website to put in the hard yards for your business just like you do? Delivering a steady stream of leads and sales from the kind of customers you only thought existed in your dreams?

If the answer’s yes, you’ve rocked up to the right place.

Your website can and most definitely should be an integral part of your business. Your website’s to-do list should include things like ranking on search engines, bringing in traffic and transforming that traffic into leads and sales. Unfortunately, not many websites tick all of those boxes.

Why? Because too many people see it as a job done once their shiny new site is “finished”  and live for the world to see. 

Your website should be an ever-evolving, machine that draws in your ideal client by transparently explaining everything you do as a business.

Today’s buyer uses research as their prime weapon against bad buying experiences. If you can show up consistently when people are researching the solution to a problem, those people will learn to trust you and eventually buy from YOU!

Problems solved

Are you getting a steady stream of enquiries and sales, that fit your dream of a perfect client? 

Do you have quick and easy meetings with those clients because they’ve already found all the answers they need from your website and already trust you because of the content you share?

These aren’t pipe dreams. Great content on a great website can make this happen for you.

Here are just some of the problems that we can solve.

web Design

Well designed, user-friendly and optimised websites that showcase how you can help your customers will help you grow.

Ah lovely, a blank canvas. We will go through everything you'd like your website to do for you and put together a plan to create and then grow your website for you.

While a complete re-design isn't always necessary (we'll always be honest about what your site needs), sometimes older websites need to be updated because of old tech or a poor user experience.

We can re-design your site on our own server so there's no irritating downtime between the old and the new.

All of our sites are built in WordPress which is a content management system. This means that after a few simple lessons, you'll be able to update certain parts of your site yourself.

You can also pick one of our Maintenance Plans which include varying amounts of development time per month. We can make changes to your website for you for an all inclusive monthly price.

Content Marketing

Engaging content will grow your authority online and help you build an army of fans for your brand.

Content shouldn't just be about a new accreditation your business has won or what Brian in HR did at the weekend.

Content should answer all the questions your clients and prospects have about your products and services. What problems can you solve and how can you make their lives better?

Great content not only attracts your ideal client to you, it can also repel the clients you don't want to work with.

Imagine if every prospect you had a meeting or call with had pre-qualified themselves by consuming lots of your content and knew everything about you and your business.

You'd be much more likely to convert these prospects into clients and your meetings would be much shorter giving you loads of extra time.

A great content marketing strategy won't just bring you new clients. It can create a legion of fans who will be as passionate about your business as you are.

Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola have customers that will defend them to the hilt. How much referral business do you think a client base that's willing to fight for your brand can generate?

Who is this Dan Pritchard geezer?

Well hello there. I’m Dan Pritchard, the Bearded wonder. I’m a self-taught, passionate, content wizard and you may have noticed, I quite like cats!

I’m based in Maidstone, Kent, and I was a printer before I became a content bod. My Grandad was a printer too and I followed in his footsteps for over 20 years. Over time, I was drawn more to the design and digital side of things, so I trained myself up, and here we are. I’m fascinated by content marketing, and I love to teach people how it can help their business.

Sometimes I fly solo. I also have a crack team of marketing superheroes at my fingertips, ready to fulfil all your content needs. And, I have my trusty feline sidekicks – Frankie, Cosmo and Benny  – always ready to lend a helping paw. 

I’m also a multi-skilled designer, marketer, strategist, trainer, explainer, helping hand, chief cook and bottle-washer.  And if I can’t help you, I’ll definitely know someone who can.

With me, you’ll get no sales spiel – I’m not a born salesman and I don’t have the gift of the gab. Which is why I love content marketing – I can use my expertise to get customers coming to you.

This is me...

(the one in the glasses...)

I'm properly Certified ya know!

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