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About Our Process

We build our sites in wordpress because it rocks!

  • 01

    73 million (and counting) websites can’t be wrong. It’s the most popular content management system on this tiny blue planet.

  • 02

    Our friends at Google (other search engines are available) love themselves a bit of WordPress. Always top of the class in search results.

  • 03

    It’s a powerful little so and so. We can build any type of site you can think of  using this platform as a super solid, bullet proof foundation.

  • 04

    You probably look at WordPress sites every day! Don’t believe us? Forbes, LinkedIn, eBay, Playstation and Beyonce all use WP.

The stats don’t lie!

Every Month
People search Google for WordPress

of all the sites on earth
are powered by wordpress

this month
people will visit wordpress sites

Our sites are responsive

Responsive sites re-size depending on the size of the screen you use!

  • 01

    Web browsing on mobile phones overtook desktop computers way back in early 2015. With more people on Earth owning a smartphone than a toothbrush (amazing right?), now’s the time to go mobile.

  • 02

    More users than ever are using both desktops and mobile devices for their searches. About 75% of adult users report using both and switching back and forth between the two depending on the time of day.

“Go live” is not the end!

we’ll still be around once your site is live, you can lean on us!

  • Handover

    When your shiny new site is live we will give you a personal handover, at your pace. After that we will always respond to your questions (no matter how daft or crazy you think they are) by email, on the phone or even via smoke signals if that’s your thing.

  • The Long Game

    All our clients are clients for life. There’s no need for you to worry about how far down the line you are. In the eternal words of Sir Rick of Astley (he’s due that knighthood soon) “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around or desert you”

Prefer full maintenance?

If you want daily back-ups, bespoke development every month, security and core updates, plus much more. Check out our hassle free, fully managed services...

So? How much?

The costs depend on what you need and want.

While we can’t give you a full quote without a consultation, the button below will give you a pretty decent idea.

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