Life before the internet… the middle-aged perspective

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Before the internet - The middle-aged perspective

First and foremost, this is not an article dissing the internet. It’s purely a nostalgic piece about a ‘simpler time’.

I use quotation marks because simpler does not always mean better, but I do have some fond memories of life before Google.

I think the biggest memory I have is that we just had to know stuff. Seems an alien concept now, but once upon a time if you saw a familiar face on the telly, you had to sit and think until you figured out where you knew them from. Imagine that, no IMDB 😱
But it was oh so rewarding when you made that breakthrough. A bit like having a really good yawn.

Before the internet, we actually shook hands

Meeting new people meant you actually WENT OUT AND MET NEW PEOPLE. No online exchanges, no messenger, just good old fashioned face to face conversation.


There were no online streaming services, it was the tv or nothing!
And if you didn’t like what was on tv… you had to get creative. I spent hours and hours in my bedroom writing poetry (I went on to become published, but I don’t like to brag…)

Patience is a virtue

If you took a photo you had to use a camera and wait a good few days to see what it looked like! No instant pictures. Selfies weren’t a thing!

It seems crazy to think that we lived and functioned in a world with none of these things quite happily. What’s crazier is that I rely on the internet for so many of my everyday life tasks now. So for me, I have a deep appreciation of the impact of the internet on everyday life.

My children do not. They have been born and raised in a world where the internet is taken for granted. I gave my daughter a disposable camera and she looked on the back of it for the photo… She didn’t understand the concept of developing photographs.

Old Camera

Despite our cultural differences though the one thing we have in common is our reliance and appreciation of the digital age. Neither of us could realistically live without it for a sustained period of time, but I do believe the non-internet skills are still relevant and important:

Knowing stuff
Meeting new people
Getting creative
Having a little patience (and now you’ve got that Take That song going through your head…)

And at Ritch we want to continue using these values to bring great content to the internet.

If you fancy working with a couple of ‘old farts’ who also have modern times ‘sussed’ then give us a call… (or meet face to face or email us, but please no faxes, we’re not in 1985)

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