Email Signatures

The average employee sends 15,000+ emails every single year.

That is a big old bucket full of chances to shout about your services!

Just having an image in your email signature boosts open rates by 12%, so imagine what a beautifully designed, interactive signature could do.


Your brand stays consistent from every employee on every device
Let every email shout about how great you are and drive your clients to your website
Be in the know about who’s opened your emails, with notifications and tracking


From Any Device

Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It doesn’t matter one bit where it’s sent from, it’ll still look amazing and very you!


Send & Know

No more praying to the email gods that your hot new lead has opened your message. Get notified the minute important emails are read.


Centralised Control

From your email signature dashboard, you can decide exactly what’s included in all company signatures, ensuring absolute consistency.

Signature Marketing

Every email sent by your company is a miniature marketing opportunity. It can be harnessed to drive traffic to an offer, a blog post, a web page – anywhere someone can get to with a click!

Compatible with all major email clients

On All Of These Platforms

Insight & Tracking

Now you’ll know who’s opening your emails, when they open them and what links they’re clicking.

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